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The following question could actually be answered very quickly and briefly: Where else, if not here?

Even more than concerns motorcycle building specialists, twin brothers Alban and Attila Scheiber from Hochgurgl – hoteliers, ski school operators, cable car entrepreneurs and owners of the Timmelsjoch High Alpine Road – are themselves keen motorcyclists whose passion for engines comes from father Alban Scheiber Snr., a former professional racing driver and famous pioneer of Tyrolean tourism, thus it was practically begun in the cradle.

Alban and Attila Scheiber have built up one of the largest and most valuable collections of historic motorcycles in Austria in recent years and with the TOP MOUNTAIN CROSSPOINT  - designed by the Tyrolean architect Michael Broetz ( - have now gained a presence on a stage of extravaganza with over 300 exhibits.

For motorcyclists directly on the most attractive route over the Alps – the Timmelsjoch High Alpine Road – in a building of stunning architectural design and surrounded by the impressive panorama of the Ötztaler Alps, the over 320 fine testimonies to motorcycle history now find a worthy home and at the same time is open to the public since the 16th April 2016.


Bike of the month

Moto Guzzi Typ S BJ 1942

Top Mountain Crosspoint



Have a look at some of our motorbikes in the TOP Mountain Crosspoint - please note that these pictures show just a small part of all ehhibits you find at the museum. We are looking forward to welcome you at the TOP Mountain Crosspoint in lovely Tyrol!

Top Mountain Crosspoint
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