Special edition Indian Chief "Bagger TOP Mountain"

Indian Chief - Bagger TOP Mountain

This extraordinary conversion was based on an Indian Chief Vintage MY16 with a displacement of 1811 cc and 92 hp.

This unique model is exhibited at some of the most renowned motorbike shows worldwide and, as the flagship of our collection, should whet the appetite for a visit to Tyrol and our TOP Motorcycle Museum in Hochgurgl.

Conversion description:

Front fork: Radical Springer fork "Thunderbike" for 26" front wheel 
Front wheel: 26" rim 3,75 x 26" tyre Metzler ME888 120/55/26 
Brake front: Thunderbike 4 piston brake disc 320mm 
Handlebar: Custom made SMC 
Bow spoiler: Custom made SMC 
Tank: Victory HammerS tank with built in org. Indian speedometer and pop-up filler cap, rebuild fuel pump and bracket for Indian frame mount. 
Seat: Custom made SMC 
Rear fender: Custom made SMC 
Rear light:   Victory Hammer S 
Air Ride rear: custom made SMC 
Air Ride steering: Custom made SMC 
Main stand: Custom made SMC 
Exhaust system: Custom-made SMC 2-1 routed through the centre of the rear fender 
Air filter: Special design SMC 
Controls/electrics: SMC / Indian original 
All parts were handmade from sheet steel, the vehicle can be lowered 12cm and stands in lowered position on the main stand, in raised position the side stand can also be used. All original functions have been retained - ABS - cruise control - speedometer etc. so there was no need to interfere with the electrical system.
The side parts of the rear fender were screwed on - so it is relatively easy to change the wheel or tyre at the rear.
The entire production of the sheet metal parts, small parts, brackets etc. was carried out by SMC-Styrian Motor Cycle.  

The paintwork consists of a 3D real metal look, which was then also engraved by hand. 
The aim was to build an excavator - but with a slightly different shape or to create a unique line, which is of course roadworthy despite all the beauty.  
The total amount of working time was about 500 hours - we would like to thank the specialists of the following companies:

Styrian Motor Cycle - idea/design/assembly/TÜV 
Airvolution - design of the paintwork and execution of the painting work 
Gartner - plumbing work - finish for airbrush 
Sinnitsch - CNC turning and milling work 
Fa. Pommer - leather work seat bench 
Realgold - gilding of small parts

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