The Top Mountain Crosspoint

Hochgurgl is the highest resort in the Alps and is guaranteed snow in the winter months. Whenever it is decided that the Timmeljoch has to be closed in winter, then the High Alpine Road is closed off from Hochgurgl onwards.

In the summer months, the High Alpine (toll) Road has a little surprise in store for you: the Timmelsjoch experience. Five free centres with interesting information about history, nature, culture, economy and the local people of this region around the Timmelsjoch.

In 2015/16 here in Hochgurgl the new Ötztaler Prestige Project, Top Mountain Crosspoint, is being created, a modern, multifunctional building in an area of 6,060m². Here you will find a first class restaurant with a beautiful panoramic terrace which offers views of the ski area Hochgurgl/Obergurgl and the Ötztaler Alps. Even Europe’s highest motorcycle museum has found room here. In an area of 2,600m² this museum has made an impression not only on motorcycle fans, with over 320 classic motorcycles from more than 120 manufacturers. Further on, you will find in Top Mountain Crosspoint the lower station of the Kirchenkarbahn, as well as the Timmelsjoch toll station.

In Hochgurgl you will also find the 1st station of the Timmelsjoch experience, the “Dock”. In addition to information about the history of settlements in the high alpine region and about the pine forest in Obergurgl, you can also learn how glaciers were formed in this impressive landscape. From the “Dock” you have a unique panorama over the background of the Ötztal and the ski area Hochgurgl/Obergurgl, which counts as one of the 10 best ski destinations in the world. An ideal place on your journey over the Timmelsjoch to stop and take a “selfie”.

You’ve left Obergurgl and Hochgurgl behind you and you’re back on the High Alpine Road. Only a few hairpin bends and the 2nd station “Smuggler” now separate you from the Timmelsjoch. Learn more about the world of smuggling in a walk-in cube. The 2nd station can be very well seen from the High Alpine Road and is located where the ancient route from Zwieselstein to Moos in the Passeier Valley crosses the High Alpine Road.

Now the last hairpin bends before the mountain pass are approaching and then you will be at an altitude of 2,474m.

Your Route over the Timmelsjoch
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