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Bike of the Month: Brough Superior SS 80

Our Brough Superior SS 80 with a 1000 cc V-twin engine presented here was manufactured in 1927 by the English motorbike brand of the same name, which produced in Nottingham (England) from 1919 to 1940. 
The company was founded and very successfully run by the world-famous designer and racing driver George Brough. 
When building a Brough Superior, only the best and most expensive materials were used by hand. 
This and the reliability soon earned the brand the honorary title "Rolls-Royce of motorbikes". 
Until 1940, approx. 3,050 examples of a total of 19 models were produced, of which approx. a third of them still exist today and are sought-after collector's items.

The following seven benefits of owning a Brough Superior SS80 were identified in the sales brochures of 1924:

It is very satisfying to know that you are astride a machine which, if you wish, can leave behind anything on wheels.

But the chief charm of the SS 80 model `Brough Superior` is its wonderful steering and balance at all speeds.

It is actually possible to ride hands off at 60 mph.

It starts first or second kick from stone cold.

It will tick over like a high-class car at speeds as low as 10 miles per hour on top gear.




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